eMerge Americas

A Global Innovation Platform Empowering Entrepreneurs

eMerge Americas is the premier global technology conference and accelerator held annually in Miami, FL focused on the future of innovation. As the largest convening body of its type in the southeast US, eMerge brings together tens of thousands of venture capitalists, entrepreneurs, and innovators from across the world to showcase how they are building the future of technology.

The eMerge Americas Startup Accelerator + Showcase is a year-round entrepreneurial program that showcases the best tech-enabled pre-seed to Series A startups from the Americas. Each year’s Accelerator + Showcase cohort of 100 companies are carefully vetted and selected “by venture capitalists, for venture capitalists,” taking into account their future growth potential and desirability by investors.

eMerge's Flagship event, held in Miami Beach, attracts more than 20,000 attendees from over 50 countries and 4,000+ unique participating organizations. In addition to the annual conference, eMerge organizes and hosts year-round executive summits, innovation challenges, masterclasses, and webinars, publishes venture activity and investment insights reports, and hosts a world-class global accelerator & showcase.

For the last decade, eMerge has served as a catalyst for innovation and investment across the Americas, working at the forefront of building the South Florida entrepreneurial and tech ecosystem.